What is Industree?

Every day, hundreds of jobs are posted online and thousands of job seekers are applying. The current state of the construction industry makes near impossible to stand-out among the crowd with a traditional resume.
Industree makes it easier for companies to find competent, hardworking people to hire and connects job-seekers to positions that fit their skill sets, work experiences, and requirements. Industree helps optimize construction and maintenance productivity by putting great people into the right positions.

Together, we can build a better future that pushes the industry forward.

Who is Industree for?

Skilled Workers

‣ All Trades Workers

‣ Skilled Labours

‣ QC Inspectors

‣ Engineers

‣ Field Supervision

‣ And More!


‣ Industrial Construction

‣ Industrial Maintenance

‣ Commercial Construction

‣ Commercial Maintenance

‣ Civil Construction

‣ Civil Maintenance

Industree will be
available for
Web & Mobile Devices