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The Future of Construction Careers

Every day, hundreds of jobs are posted online and thousands of job seekers are applying. The current state of the construction industry makes near impossible to stand-out among the crowd with a traditional resume.
Industree makes it easier for companies to find competent, hardworking people to hire and connects job-seekers to positions that fit their skill sets, work experiences, and requirements. Industree helps optimize construction and maintenance productivity by putting great people into the right positions.

Together, we can build a better future that pushes the industry forward.

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Before Industree, there weren’t any effective job-seeking platforms built specifically for the construction and maintenance world. Workers had to resort to classified ads where they’d either be overlooked, undervalued, or often both. Their resumes usually buried under the hundreds of others and skimmed over in 2 minutes or less...

Industree helps match and connect you with companies and projects that are looking for highly skilled, experienced, valuable workers just like you. Industree will help you showcase your value & expertise, and find you work you will excel at.
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How Industree Works for Skilled Workers

Find Projects Fit for Your Skills

Are you tired of sending out dozens of resumes without getting a callback? Industree will find and match you to job opportunities your skills are made for. By analyzing your work history, skills, competencies, training, and career goals, you'll have better odds of getting an interview, and landing a job you’ll enjoy. With Industree you'll never need to send a resume again.

Stand Out Among the Crowd

There are thousands of trades workers with the exact same title as you, and each one is trying to get the same job you are...
But, you are more than your trade title. You have unique abilities, strengths, and work experiences that others don't. Industree will help you showcase your unique value in ways that a traditional resume never can. You will finally have a place to track, measure, and showcase the things that make you different, helping you find work more effectively.

Hard Work Gets Results

Working hard is great, but it's a waste if it goes unrecognized and doesn't make a difference after the job is done.
With Industree your skills can get endorsed by your peers, get recommended by your supervisors, and you can stay connected with anyone you want from previous projects.
Find work easier with the professional network you've built and prove your credibility to every future employer.
All on a platform built for you and your industry.

Hire Better People for Better Results

The success of your projects relies on the people that make it happen. Industree will give you the best opportunity to find the people you need to get the job done right. Stop looking at resumes and look at individuals ready to join your workforce.  Industree is dedicated to the construction and maintenance industry, working exclusively with workers and employers that know the ins and outs. Hiring experienced, qualified workers has never been this easy.

Eliminate The Resume Stack

Filtering through hundreds of resumes to only fill a handful of positions is a exhausting, expensive, ineffective process. Quality workers are a needle in a haystack; you'll never be able to uncover the experts you need in the mountain of 2-page resumes.
Industree will make it fast & easy to find the right person for the job. Simply tell us details about your project and the positions you hiring for, and we’ll INSTANTLY find tradesman ready and willing to work for you as soon as today. We'll match you to workers, let you pre-vet each match, and pick who you want to invite to apply. We'll make your recruitment process quick and easy, streamlining your workflow.

Reduce Your Turnover Rate

Hiring someone only to find out they don't actually have the experience or skills you needed is frustrating and leads to higher indirect costs for your project.
When you want a worker that gets the job done right, you use Industree. We attract highly-skilled, experienced team members you’d be happy to join your workforce based on their competences, skills, and credibility.

Design Your Workforce

Finding people with the specific skill sets and work experiences your projects need can be a time consuming, and difficult. Industree lets you create positions with the specific skill sets, competencies, work experiences, and qualifications for any position. You'll be able to design your workforce around your project work scopes, put people into positions they will thrive in; optimizing project productivity with people that get work done most effectively.

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